A Good Problem to Have

As wonderful as it is to be thirty (ish) pounds lighter, it presents a bit of a problem:  Every ten pounds (give or take) equals the loss of about one waist size.  As many (about half, I’m guessing) of you know, men’s pants come in even waist sizes, so every two waist “sizes” is a new pair of pants.

Six months ago I was wearing a size 44.  As far as you know, at least.  The 44’s were (really) tight.  I should have upsized from there, but I still had a shred or two of pride.  Which is ridiculous … because it’s not like I was going around telling anyone what size pants I was wearing.  And unless you’re like, Chris Christie fat, nobody really knows you’re as big as you are.  Unless you tell them.

So, there I was, great-big pants, all size 44.  You’d think that, as I lose weight, and thereby lower my waist size, all my pants would consistently be the same scaled-down size as I go.  Right?

But that’s not how it works.  Today’s Tuesday.  Tuesday evening.  I’m wearing a pair of sweat-shorts that are labeled 38/40.  Of course, being sweat-shorts, they have an elastic waistband.  That’s wearing out.  So I can forgive the idea that these are 38’s, because they kind of aren’t.  (Stay with me, it’ll make sense soon.)

Earlier today I was wearing a (very comfortable) pair of black gabardines with a 42 waist.  Which is really, honestly about what I should be wearing at this weight.

Yesterday I was wearing a pair of brown gabardines with a 42-inch waist  … which were tight.  And both are marketed as being “full-cut.”

Sunday I was wearing a pair of jeans that were loose – even baggy – with a 40-inch waist.

And Saturday I was wearing a pair of khakis that were, unfortunately a little tight.  And sported a 44-inch waist.

That’s four different sizes in four days.  What the heck is wrong with the clothing industry?  Seriously, my waist hasn’t changed back and forth that much over the past four days.

What does this have to do with the regular content of this blog?  Not much, I suppose.  But part of the point of all this is sharing the ups, downs and curiosities of this path toward healthy living.  And this is one of the curves in the path that left me pondering.  So there you have it.  Sharing.


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