What’s this all about?

As you may (or may not) surmise, here at Skipping Dessert I write about my journey from an overfed cardiology-patient-in-waiting to a healthier, happier and (hopefully) longer life.  This early post includes some background detail you may find helpful in understanding where I’m coming from and where I’m headed.

This post is a handy exposition of my eating manifesto, if I have such a thing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with blogs like this, here’s some basic info for getting around:

  • I use links fairly liberally.  If you see short bits of text in a different color than the rest of the words, click that text and another page will open.  Sometimes that page is an earlier post I want to reference, sometimes it’s somebody else’s web page.  This functions sort of like old-school footnotes.  Special hint:  If you hover your cursor over the highlighted text you’ll see some bit of smart-assery I’ve written about the link.
  • If you click through to the main page you’ll find, at any given point, the latest five or six posts.  At the bottom of the page, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll be able to click through to “older entries,” which will give you the previous five or six.  As of this writing, there are about sixty posts in all.  This feature helps you navigate them.
  • See that box to the right that says, “Don’t Miss a Post?”  Click in there to sign up, and every time I write a new post it will be delivered to your email inbox.  You won’t even have to remember to visit the blog.  I’m all about the customer service.
  • And below that, where it says, “Blogroll?”  That’s a list of blogs from friends/family I like to read.  Some are food-related, some are just, well, related.
  • I often make reference to “My Lovely Wife.”  She’s awesome.  Gillian Lord Ward is, in addition to being beautiful and brilliant, a magnificent role model for the other references I make often, our “Sprightly Daughters” – 1, 2, and 3.  Number 1 is six and a half years old, number 2 is four years old and number three is, right now, five months old.  My Lovely Wife manages to be an amazing wife and mother while simultaneously chairing the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at the University of Florida.  (Go Gators)
  • If you click the title of any post, you’ll just get that post.  Click at the title at the top of the page, where it says, “Skipping Dessert” and it will take you to the main page, as referenced above.
  • At the bottom of every post, you’ll see a bunch of icons, including Facebook, Twitter and some others.  If you’re a member of those sites, and you enjoy reading Skipping Dessert, you can click those and share this page with others.
  • I have a long way to go.  I’ll be writing this blog at least through my goal weight, which is at least a year away.  So, again, thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll return!



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