2015 Weigh-In Number 7 (of 52)

Let me say right up front that, no, I do not intend to only post every second Friday.

Life just works out that way.

I bring good tidings of great joy, however: Today’s number is 278. Which is 11 pounds in 7 weeks. I obviously don’t expect to maintain this sort of result, but I’m darned happy to be ahead of the curve.

It’s mostly an issue of portion control, spurred by three things: This time around, I actually feel better when I don’t eat like a fool. And no, that hasn’t always been the case. In years past when I made an effort to eat with more intention I honestly didn’t feel the difference and had to just count on the scale (and my clothes) to give me reassurance. At 47 I seem to get same- or next-day physical and emotional reassurance. So that’s good.

The second thing is the fact that I am 47 years old. I already know that it does not get easier to shed pounds as I get older, and I don’t want to exit my forties feeling “old.” So there’s that.

Akin to the second issue is genetics. Mine are not stellar. My dad started having heart attacks in his fifties, which are staring me down right now. Cardiac trouble seems like something I’d like to avoid, and something I’d like my lovely wife and sprightly daughters to not have to deal with.

But today we celebrate! Two more pounds and I will have met my goal for the entire first quarter. That’s a good thing.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t be shy about sharing.


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