2015 Weigh-In Number 5 (of 52)

Yes, you did miss number Weigh-in Number 4, but all is well. Or at least on-track. 281 this morning, the last Friday of January. You may recall that we started the month at 289. That’s two pounds a week, and I’m certainly happy with that. Shirts fit better, and I’m probably only a couple of pounds from changing my waist size.

I can’t claim to have been eating particularly well because for the past two weeks I’ve been fighting a stomach bug and eating whatever would … umm … let’s say, “process” correctly.

Here’s hoping next week presents opportunities to be intentional about food. On the other hand, this bug seems determined to help me find my way back into the 270’s, so it’s got that going for it.

Thanks for stickin’ with me! Planning to feel more like mid-week blogging this coming week.


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