Five Things People Say to Me

It’s Five Things Wednesday!  I’ve found that people say … interesting … things to me as I go through the process of living healthier.  All are meant in the kindest possible way, and some actually sound as kind as they’re intended.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.)  “You look great!”  This one (and a few variations of it) doesn’t get old, and it’s by far the most common.  I have to admit that I’m often skeptical, as it often comes from people I know are reading this blog … and I suspect they’re either simply making conversation or trying to be helpful.  I also occasionally think to myself, “Did you think I looked really awful before?”  But I realize the intent is, almost exclusively, to tell me I’m doing a good job with this project.  So no matter what runs through my scrambled brain, I try to say, “Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say.”  And I really do appreciate the sentiment.

2.)   “Are you OK?”  Because, I suppose, people who lose a lot of weight are sometimes not OK.  It’s a good reminder that, with all our cultural obsession over losing weight, it’s not always a good thing.

3.)  “How are you doing it?”  I have a real love/hate relationship with this one.  I love talking and writing about it (which should be clear, since you’re reading this blog), although in live conversation I try to keep it restrained, knowing that people are often asking to make conversation – kind of like asking, “How are you?”  (The proper answer to which is, by the way, “Great!  How are you?”)  On the other hand, I hate the question because of the people who are actually looking for a response, the response they seek is normally “The ____ Diet.”  Most folks don’t really want to hear about things like moderation and real food.

4.)  “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot you’re not eating (insert dessert item here) anymore.”  This is an odd one for which to find a response.  I’m still not exactly sure how to be witty and graceful in return.  “Thanks for remembering?”  “Thanks for pointing out to everyone here I’m a culinary pariah?”  It is always meant in kindness, and I appreciate the sentiment.  Polite society doesn’t really prepare us for people who choose not to crave, discuss and consume dessert.

5.)  “How much have you lost?”  Now, I’m odd.  Because I’m happy to talk about the current score.  Hell, I blog about it every Friday.  But when did it become socially acceptable to ask a question like that in polite conversation?  If good friends and fellow healthy-eating travelers ask, it’s no big deal.  But when friendly acquaintances ask this in groups it seems … odd.  Again, I’m fine with it, but Miss Manners would not be.

Thanks to all of you who read … and who say all things I listed above.  I appreciate you taking time to care!

I’ll be updating the “About” page soon – maybe even today.  There’s some good new traffic here and I want everyone to know what they’re getting into.  With that in mind, however, here are some of my favorite posts from the past few months you may have missed:

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