2015 Weigh-In Number 3 (of 52)

At the risk of irrational exuberance, I’m feeling pretty positive at this point. 283 this morning, or six pounds in two weeks. As I noted last week, the initial weigh-in was probably impacted by something I ate in the day or two prior, but still, six pounds in two weeks is solid.

Biggest Dietary Deviation of the Week: Shrimp Fra Diavola for lunch yesterday. With a bunch of old-school white-flour linguini. Tasty, but of questionable value to my goals.

Biggest Win of the Week: Wednesday night I came home with quite an attitude. Long, stressful day. My first thought was to head for the refrigerator. BUT … my rational, “Skipping Dessert” mind prevailed over my irrationally hungry lizard brain and I stayed away. I knew this was an emotional response, not a hunger issue (I’d eaten a reasonable dinner several hours earlier). This has always been one of my biggest problems with maintaining healthy eating. Some people respond to stress with vodka, I respond with sugar, salt and fat. Mostly salt and fat. But this time, this one day, I beat the habit.

Now, pardon me while I seek treatment for the shoulder I’ve dislocated by patting myself on the back.

Thanks for reading, as always. Coming up in the next few posts, chia seeds, vitamins and the difference between supper and dinner. Don’t be shy about sharing this blog.


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