Your Monday Reading Assignment

You should go read this article.  It’s not political, even though it comes from  Or maybe it is political, just not in the left/right, D/R sense.

Very few people who are paying attention disagree that there’s a weight problem in the United States.  Weights continue to rise, which we can all agree is not healthy.  And nobody wants to be overweight. Nobody wants their kids to be overweight.

Here’s the problem:  There are a whole lot of people (many with weight issues of their own) who obsess about other people’s weight and what other people feed their kids.  The reality is that not everyone has time to read as much about food and weight as I (and maybe you) do.  They’re busy earning a living and spending time with their kids.

Here’s where it gets a little political.  People should be able to trust the food they buy for themselves and their kids.  They shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out which food claiming to be healthy is actually the healthy one and which is just the latest fad.  And yes, that’s where government regulation should come in.

You should be able to figure out – easily – where your food is coming by taking a quick look at the label.  You should bee able to trust that labels like “organic” actually mean something.  It should be really obvious when a “food” is fake and when it’s real.  But none of those things are true.  So people do the best they can.  They trust the supermarket not to lie to them (which is a bad choice).  They make the trade-off and buy the food they can afford and the food they have time to cook or the food they can get on the way home.

Making choices like that shouldn’t doom you and your family to obesity – and hey do, that obesity shouldn’t doom you to ridicule.

Here endeth the rant.

Thanks for reading … tomorrow:  Why is it that I can wear four different pant-sizes in four days?


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