Stuff That Works

A few months ago I read an article that swore up and down that drinking water before consuming anything else every morning – a fair bit, a pint, a quart, I can’t remember the magical formula – was a key to optimal health.  The piece included impressive sounding references and actual science, but between you and me, most of that science is beyond me.  It made sense and sounded like a good idea with little downside.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been following exactly that.  Before coffee, before Cheerios and frozen blueberries, before meds (Singulair – the allergy blocker of the gods) or supplements, water.  About a pint and a half.

I think it works.  I’m not sure exactly what it does (other than make a visit to the men’s room my first stop at work every day), but it feels positive.  So I do it, and I’m claiming it works.  You should try it.

Speaking of supplements, I believe I’ve mentioned before that I take a B-Complex every morning.  B-vitamins are a  group of nutrients that do all sorts of things, and that naturally occur in a variety of foods.  Taking a supplement might be superfluous. Or it might not. I was wondering recently if that was doing me any good.

One of the things a B-supplement is supposed to do is increase energy and /or awareness.  I ran out of my B’s a couple of weeks ago and didn’t really give it much thought.  If anything, I had become dismissive of it.  Then I forgot about it.

After about five days, I noticed I was really tired in the early evenings.  Now, my Lovely Wife will tell you (and it is true) that without something actively going on, I can pretty much always fall asleep.  So this is not the sort of thing that mighty be obvious, but I noticed an overwhelming exhaustion, without anything having changed.  Anything, that is, other than that my B’s had run out.

As an experiment, I bought a new bottle of good B’s and took one with breakfast, as instructed by the bottle, and as I have been doing before running out.  I won’t tell you I noticed a sudden rush of energy, but without making any other changes, there is no question the the evening tiredness went away.  Is that evidence? Is it scientific?  Probably not.  But it’s good enough or me.

You might give it a shot as well.

I stole the title of this post from a Guy Clark song I like.  Thought you might enjoy it, so here it is:

Thanks, as always for reading.  If  Skipping Dessert is “stuff that works” for you, share it please.


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  1. Hey honey…you know I’ve been preaching water for a while now. I can honestly say that my body hates it when I don’t get enough. One large cup of coffee in the morning, water all day long, and some hops and barley at night! Today, I was at my “other” job and stood on my feet from 12:45 until 9:15 tonight…and didn’t get nearly as much water as I do most days. I pretty much crawled out of there tonight! LOLOL!! Water, water, water!! It will be two years in May since I’ve had any soda…woohoo for me and my body! What type of B-Complex vitamins are you taking? My ex’s Mom used to say, a B-Complex every day and a banana a couple/three times a week takes care of what ails you. Keep up the water regimen…it really DOES work!!


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