Yep, it’s Wednesday again. That means it’s time for your weekly list.  This week, five things I have to remind myself of as I stay on the weight-loss path.  When I go a week or two without losing a pound, it’s a good bet I’ve conveniently forgotten one or more of these.  If I treat these with Gospel reverence, I lose weight.  

1.)  No Seconds.  That’s tough.  It’s easy to rationalize that if it’s a healthy meal there’s no reason not to have a little more. And if I wasn’t trying to lose weight, that would be true.

2.)  You Gotta Feel Hungry Sometimes.  At least “hungry” in first-world terms.  As in, “Hey, dinner sure seems like it was a long time ago, I think I’ll make a peanut butter sandwich.  On whole-wheat bread, of course.”  You know what I mean.  If I give in, I gain weight.  To lose weight, I have to recognize that feeling, isolate it and move past it.  The truth is, it goes away pretty quickly.

3.)  No Late-Night Eating.  Sort of a corollary to number 2, but not exactly.  Sometimes I miss having had dinner at a reasonable hour and I really am hungry (again, in a first-world kind of way).  But if I use that as a reason to eat dinner at 10 PM, I’ll regret it. I’ll have heartburn and I won’t lose weight that week.  Besides, skipping dinner entirely at that point isn’t going to hurt me (I do not advocate this for my diabetic readers.  If there are medical reasons for you to eat at specific intervals, little of this applies to you.), and a (very) little fasting does me good.

4.)  Snack, Intentionally.  Not, “Hey, I need to snack a couple of times a day, so I’d better stop at this convenience store.”  I mean a handful of almonds, maybe some fruit.  Not a bag of chips and some honey-roasted cashews.

5.)  Eat Breakfast.  It sounds kind of trite, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  I find it helpful to eat basically the same thing for breakfast every day.

Thanks for reading, Skippers. As always, if you enjoyed it, share it!


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