Your Monday Reading Assignment (3/19)

So … it has come to this.

An eagle-eyed Skipper sent me this link last week.  Turns out Mark Bittman of the New York Times regularly produces the Key to All Modern Food Knowledge.

All the food stuff I write about, Bittman covers also, and better.  So pick up the Michael Pollan library, read Bittman’s columns and you can stop reading most of my posts. Of course, you could still visit back here for old time’s sake.  And, you know, out of gratitude for me turning you onto them, and to keep tabs on my progress.  And to get your intentional living fix.

OK, on second thought, screw Bittman and Pollan.  You just keep coming back here and I’ll fill you in on what you need to know.


While you consider your reading options, here are a couple of stories you might have missed at NPR’s “Shots” blog.  First, for reasons the researchers don’t seem to be able to pinpoint (to my satisfaction), it turns out that women who keep their core temperature a little cooler during workouts tend to work out longer.  That sounds a little common-sense-y, but you should read it anyway.

Second, gentlemen, if you want to make babies, this study says you should cut back on saturated fat.  Apparently those fats reduce sperm count by around 1/3.  It also occurs to me that if you eat too much saturated fat, mating may be an issue for a variety of other reasons.  Also, I don’t know what that stuff on the fork in the picture is but I’ll tell you this:  If all saturated-fat-laden food looked like that, saturated fat consumption wouldn’t be a problem.  Just sayin’.

Thanks for reading, as always.  Don’t be shy about sharing a link to this blog.


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