Your Monday Reading Assignment (2/27)

I’m curious about yoga.  I don’t expect that curiosity to turn into action, of course, unless I can find a local yoga studio happy to welcome beginners at midnight or so, but still I’m curious.  I can’t think of any reason yoga wouldn’t be a good idea.

With that in mind, here are some things one should apparently expect should one pop in to a yoga class.

Here’s a thoroughly frustrating article about which is more important:  Sleep or Exercise.  This is a serious issue at Casa Ward.  As longtime readers know, my lovely wife and I have three sprightly daughters ranging from eight months to seven years of age.  We also both have jobs that could charitably be described as demanding.  And we think it’s a good idea to see each other at least a few minutes a day, even if that’s sitting next to each other in the living room typing away on our laptops.

I am not kidding at all when I say the only time available for exercise (other than the exercise inherent in keeping up with three very active younguns) is at about 5 AM.  And since I normally get to bed around midnight, that leaves five hours of sleep. I’m not good with that.

The article, despite it’s promises, was no help at all.  The answer, according to the author, is, “it depends.”  Duh.  I already knew that.

Go forth and read.  Back with you in a couple of days for Five Things Wednesday!

Thanks for reading, as always.  Also, a big thank you for all the pleasant feedback about the blog in general and the Sunday intentional living series in particular.  I really appreciate you taking time to let me know you’re on-board!


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