Five Things I Never Thought I’d Say

Yep, it’s Wednesday already, and that means it’s time for our weekly list of five things.  This week, five things I never thought I’d say, or rather, write about my health and food.

1.)  I don’t miss Diet Coke.  But seriously, I don’t.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but you might have missed it.  I used to drink about a half a gallon of the stuff a day.  I don’t think I feel a lot different since I gave up diet soda – all soda – on Christmas Eve 2010, but I save a lot of money and every time I see that long list of ingredients I know I made a fine choice.

2.)  No Thanks, I don’t eat onion rings.  Fried food.  Out and gone for good.

3.)  Just water for me, thanks.  See number one above.  Doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything different, and at some point I got used to it.

4.)  A salad sure would hit the spot.  No, really, I’ve said that.  Stop laughing at me.

5.)  No, I never use the elevator.  As you may surmise from the subtitle of this blog I take the stairs whenever possible.  Passive exercise, you know.

Thanks for reading – as always, don’t be shy about sharing.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I very often crave salad, usually when traveling, and it’s incredibly hard to find one, eating out, that satiates that craving. Outside of our little spoiled, foodie haven, it feels like a lot of iceberg lettuce and bacon bits. To your grocery store point a few weeks ago, the more we can point out that these aren’t the sort of vegetables that make us feel BETTER, the better.


  2. ‘Shell here:

    TOTALLY agree about not missing Diet Coke!! Thought I would, but nope…love me some water!! Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy hops & barley too!!


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