Your Monday Reading Assignments (2/13)

For those of you wondering, yes, I managed to get through Sprightly Daughter Number One’s birthday party without tasting the cake.  Not even the icing.  Actually, I made it all the way through the weekend and the cake is all gone.

And yes, my shoulder is killing me from patting myself on the back about it.

Moving on, and speaking of cake, this article from the research department is a fine list of food groups you really should keep your favorite kids … and yourself … away from.  We’ve covered much of this before, but it’s a fine reminder. (Kidding about cake.  If you can eat just a slice or two, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cake. )

Now, if you’re trying hard to eat healthy but you’re having trouble noodling out all the stuff on the label, this piece is a nice primer regarding label claims that should scare you.

And to tie back into the Sunday Intention series, here’s a piece on yoga.  I’ve been hearing more and more about yoga, and if I could figure out how to fit some of it into my schedule I’d give it a try.  Which means I should be able to sign up for a class sometime around 2029.

Thanks for reading!



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