Alternative Tailgating

One of the pitfalls of the American diet is the ritual of eating ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food while we watch – or prepare to watch – sports on TV.  Or, in a more developed art form, while we tailgate.

A friend of the blog asks what, if any, changes I’ve made to my sports-watching food rituals as I work on my health.  I’d like to tell you I have some awesome sensible-eating recipes that have replaced the deadly ways of my old-school football pregame activities.

Bad news.   I just don’t eat around sports anymore.

My best routine is breakfast, light snack, lunch, dinner.  When I follow that routine – and make good choices about them – I lose weight.  When I stretch that routine, well, that’s when I plateau … or gain weight.  And that’s not acceptable, folks.

I can’t speak for everyone.  I know some of you have had success with other ways of approaching healthier eating.  Here’s my theory on losing weight:  You gotta make sacrifices.  Substantial ones.  Allow me to elaborate.

I (really) like eating my way through a football game.  I used to (really) like fast food.  Cranberry-orange scones at Starbucks?  Love ’em.  Dessert?  Big fan.

Can’t do that stuff if I want to lose weight.  Just can’t.  If I tried to substitute healthier food for the stuff I used to eat, I’d just eat more of it.  Easier to just not start.  Just watch the game.

That’s how it works for me.  Again, some of you may have success in other ways, but for me, not starting is the best way to control my eating.


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