Ugh, Again

Sorry.  College football has taken all the creativity out of me.

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  1. Posted by Ed McCormick on October 30, 2011 at 10:40 am

    I am just about to start mine…so speak of what you had to eat, etc..for the game..Do you break out the wings/beer etc..or do you stick with your plan as best as you can?
    Do you for instance bake your chicken wings and use hot sauce or cayenne(which is supposed to aid in weight loss) according to some ‘famous” docs on TV..just trying to give you something to speak/write about. For instance..since I know that I have not started my quest just yet..I ordered out chinese because the 5 star pizza place I called failed to tell me that I had called the wrong establishment to get my order, and just left me hanging..until I called at half-time and said, “Where are my pizza/wings” basically they told me that I had called the wrong store..and left it at that VERY rudely! and yes I drank beer, ice-house was my beer of choice, I love the flavor and it has a higher alcohol content..but the chinese place had wonderful crispy chicken wings. and of course a habit that I have to break is the pork egg fu yung! enoug venting..maybe inspiration has come about?


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