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It was bound to happen. My run of consecutive weeks losing at least one pound has stalled. Two weeks in a row at 271.

My first inclination, having claimed and lost this ground many times over, is to look for something I ate at some point during the week that slowed me down. I did have two pralines Wednesday night. I did eat more than I knew I needed several times during the week. I did clean the (white flour) pasta bowl at Venice Cafe last night.

But it really wasn’t any one thing (although that pasta sauce last night was salty – tasty – enough to throw off the weigh-in). It was lack of focus. I was feeling my oats a bit after so many consecutive “losing” weeks and ate too much too many times over the course of the week. Time to focus. Eat intentionally.

Back on track for next week. Why am I eating? Half the plat is clean. Am I still honestly hungry or do I just want to chew more food? What’s the alternative to the white-flour pasta on the menu?

I’m still ahead of schedule, if you’re counting: Eleven weeks, sixteen pounds.

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