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The Insidious Nature of Lemonade

Anybody remember Eddie Murphy’s impersonation of Elvis singing about lemonade? “Lemonade, that cool refreshing drink …”

Yeah. It IS cool. And refreshing. And insidiously subversive.

Allow me to ‘splain: As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t drink sugary or diet sodas. I DO drink a lot of seltzer/club soda, because I love the “burn and bite” of carbonation. But every now and then I need some, you know, FLAVOR. So some time back I started asking for club soda with a splash of lemonade. And over time that’s become half-club-soda, half-lemonade. And THAT, in turn, has become my default restaurant beverage. And it tastes so good. SO good.

On a hot day (this is Florida, you know) I can put away three or four big glasses of the stuff without thinking about it. To the tune of (and I’m estimating conservatively here) 2-300 calories. Entirely disposable, useless, yet cool and refreshing, calories.

So. Lemonade, my cool, refreshing, insidiously hateful old friend, it’s me or you. And I’m not going anywhere, so this is where you exit gracefully. And take that sugar packet with you.

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