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A Little Math to Start the Weekend

First, here I am, seven days into Accountabilitober, and I’m seven-for-seven. Blogged every day this month.  (Pats self on back.)

It’s late in the day, so I’ll be brief, but the day is weigh-in day, and on the morning of this day I weighed-in at 258.  That’s 29 pounds in 30 weeks.  Which, of course, puts me behind schedule, but I’m at peace with that today.  After all, as I mentioned earlier this week I could have eaten better on the road than I did.  I’m lucky to be at 29 pounds.  I’m confident I’ll get back on pace within a week or two, but for now I’m just happy to be solidly in the 250’s.

I also should point out that 29 pounds is officially a full ten percent of my starting weight (287).  Yes, I am 90 percent of the man I was a mere 30 weeks ago.  For which I am deeply grateful.

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