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Feeling Good About Friday

Nothing substantial for you today.  No links, no book reports.  But while I don’t want to jinx things, I feel like my Friday weigh-in is going to be a strong move in the right direction.

Having regained general control over my eating habits (three large pieces of garlic bread last night notwithstanding), and having been intentionally more active outdoors with the sprightly daughters over the long weekend, I feel leaner.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I am leaner, but I’ve noticed over the years that if I feel a certain way I’m more likely to end up that way.  Simple case in point:  If I wear a tie to the office my work-product is better, both in quantity and quality.  Let’s hope this “feeling lean” thing ends up with like results.

I’ll check-in tomorrow with the news and a more substantial post.

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