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Strange Days

I’ve had some strange experiences lately as a result of this healthier-lifestyle thing.  They may not seem strange to most of you, but to me they were darn-near revelatory.

This past Sunday, May 29th, my lovely wife and I went out for a simple anniversary dinner (seventh, thanks for asking) at Outback Steakhouse (told you it was simple) and we shared a steak.  I’ve never shared a steak in my life.  It’s an entirely different mindset.  Apparently I’ve always, for some odd reason, approached my plate from a “scarcity” frame of mind:  Eat everything, eat if fast and move on.  Turns out I can get just as full if I not only share, but – get this – I don’t even have to finish everything on the plate!  I know, you’re thinking, “The hell you say, Harv,” but it’s true.

Then today we (me, lovely wife and spritely children) had lunch at an old favorite I hadn’t haunted in years, Hogan’s Heroes (It’s a sandwich shop/pub you should visit, but bring cash, as they don’t take cards.)  When I ordered my pastrami and swiss on whole wheat I thought I was being conservative by ordering the 6″ (that’s a medium) instead of the 8″/large the hungrier, larger me would have ordered.  I dug in in an anxious fashion … and then about 3/4 of the way through realized I was … wait for it … full.  With a quarter of a Hogan’s sandwich still on my plate.  Then I realized I could have kept a buck-fifty in my pocket if I’d ordered the  4″ (it wasn’t as tasty as I’d remembered, and I didn’t see the point in wrapping any up to take home.

Many – most – of you might think sharing a steak and not cleaning your plate are everyday activities.  For me, these have been strange days, indeed.

I want to take a moment to welcome and thank those of you who’ve visited as a result of the link I posted on my Facebook page yesterday.  I appreciate your support, and hope you’ll check this site out as often as you will.   And thanks, also to those who were here pre-Facebook.  Feel free to leave comments, and, again, thank you for your support.

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