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The Cheese May Not Have Been a Good Idea

Most days for lunch I’ve been eating some fruit.  A lot of pineapple.  I like pineapple.  Maybe a whole-wheat pita or two with some hummus or something.  Handful of mixed nuts or two at odd times during the day.

Wednesday I went to the Publix looking for the “fruit salad” (again, it’s mostly pineapple) I like, and because I was in the wrong Publix, they didn’t have it.  But they had cheese.  Lots of cheese.  Cheeses from around the world (or at least North America and Western Europe).  So I ate some cheese for lunch.  About fifty percent too much cheese.

Now, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with eating cheese for lunch.  And I love it.  But I haven’t been eating much cheese by itself, and apparently I need to re-calibrate my system for what is an acceptable amount of the stuff.  Because about ten minutes after I stopped, I felt pretty rotten and it sat like a lump of processed lead in my belly until about bedtime.

I’m not going to stop eating cheese, but I’ll have to experiment with quantities.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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