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2015 Weigh-In Number 2 (of 52)

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should have posted Friday. Didn’t work out that way. But I did weigh-in yesterday morning, to a shocking four-pound loss at 285. Which tells me that last week’s weigh-in, the baseline, was probably the result of a bunch of water weight. Regardless, yes, I’m pleased with a four-pound jump start.

Biggest Dietary Deviation of the Week: A “Southern Cucumber” – Bourbon, cucumber, lemonade – at dinner last Saturday night. I would not have been surprised to not lose a pound after that.

Biggest Disappointment of the Week: Remembering how inconvenient it is to eat without fast food. Yes, I know if I prepared lunch at home and brought it with me it would not be inconvenient. I’m unlikely to do that. The day moves by really fast sometimes, and driving through a fast-food place is A LOT faster than anything else. Regardless, I don’t do that anymore.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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