Random Monday Thoughts

So … this exists. And it lives in my kitchen.


In a fun bit of irony, I found this while rooting around in the cabinets for actual Jif, which we did not have. My Lovely Wife swears it (the powdered stuff) does not suck, and is useful for things like smoothies. Which is why it lives here at Casa Ward.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Sometimes the universe enforces your rules on it’s own. Last week, before the Week One weigh-in, I decided to have a goodbye visit to my old pals at McDonald’s. Yes, I am fully aware of everything that is wrong with eating at McDonald’s (which is why I was making a farewell trip), but if we lay aside all the rational reasons why McDonald’s is Of The Devil, a fresh order of McDonald’s french fries is nothing less than sublime.


Now, a lukewarm, unsalted order of McDonald’s french fries, like the one pictured? That’s well-nigh disgusting. Apparently the universe decided I was done with fast food a day or two before I was ready to get back on the wagon. It probably knows best.

Don’t even ask why I ate half the fries anyway. Seriously, don’t ask.

I read Vox.Com regularly. It’s my daily go-to national news source. Because they knew darn well I (and most of the rest of America) would get all weight-conscious right about now, they started posting a series of articles debunking the American way of dieting back in November.

There are several, but the one about the “bulletproof diet” is my favorite. I have friends who swear by “bulletproof.” Like every other “diet,” it probably works if you follow it to the absolute, expensive letter (like at least one of my friends has, to great effect). But I’ll be damned if I believe putting butter in your coffee is sustainable healthy living.

I’ll leave you with this for now. Some guy named Chef Richie Nakano hosts a video blog called “The Week in Stupid Food News.” You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading, as always. Don’t be shy about telling your friends this blog exists.


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