Slimier Than Pink Slime

Ok, maybe not actually slimier.  But the “food” Melanie Warner writes about in Pandora’s Lunchbox is about as “foody” as pink slime.

I can’t claim to have read it yet, but I can’t wait.  This conversation at the Huffington Post with Warner gives me enough to, umm, chew on, for the time being, however.  The highlights of the article:

  • “Processing” food isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Making food into unrecognizable “food,” is.
  • The FDA is underfunded and not protecting us the way we think it is.
  • Most vitamin additives are created in China.  Out of the best reach the FDA could possible offer.
  • Soybean oil is highly suspect.  Unless, you know, you enjoy a little hexane in your diet.
  • A lot of the dairy products we consume (think Greek yogurt) is fortified with “Milk Protein Concentrate.”  YUM!  Or not.


Why can’t they just put quality food on the shelf?  I know, I know, they do – at the Co-op and at the farmer’s market.  Buy as much food a you can from those sources.

Thanks for reading.  Stay away from the pink slime.


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