Good Things for You to Watch, and to Ponder

Yeah, I know, in the last post I promised to get back to talking about food in my next post.


At the conference I’m attending, our plenary speaker today was Dr. Brene Brown (there’s an accent over that last “e”, but I’ll be damned if I know how to produce it here.  Use your imagination).  Apparently I’ve been living under a rock for two years, because until today I’d never heard of her, despite the millions of hits her original TED video has garnered.

She studies shame, guilt and vulnerability, and how vulnerability is the key to all things awesome.  She makes a hell of a case, and one that fits right into the Skipping Dessert gestalt.

I am feeling, at least in the near term, rather evangelical about her message, so I’m sharing these two videos with you.  I strongly urge you to watch them both in their entirety.  They’re 20 minutes each, and both worth every minute.

And then, I swear, we’ll get back to food.

The first, from 2010:

The follow up, from 2012:

Thanks, as always for reading (and for viewing), my friends.


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  1. Posted by Brenda Woods on March 1, 2013 at 8:15 am

    If it’s a word document you go to symbols, I would guess you knew that especially if I did…..



  2. Thanks so much for posting these. I must live in the Dark Ages, too, because I never heard of Brene either.


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