Back on Schedule

Yes, back on schedule – a pound a week.  Which is not as good as it sounds, because, if you’ll recall, last week I was ahead of schedule.  Still, no worries.  262.

Here’s something interesting you already know if you’ve ever lost significant weight.  When you lose weight over a consistent period, every now and then you look in the mirror and notice you look a little different. A pair of pants fits better, you find a new hole in your belt, you notice a little less jowl while brushing your teeth.

That’s all very nice, but yesterday I was walking down the hall and my arms didn’t feel right.  Well, not so much my arms, but what they weren’t touching.  My arms were not rubbing the sides of my belly while I walked.  Yes, I’ll wait right here while you go walk across the room to see if your arms rub your belly while you walk …

Now, those of you who are perpetually skinny have no idea what I’m talking about.  Those of you who get it are giving me a virtual fist-bump right now.

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