Friday Weigh-In, and a Follow-Up

Happy Friday, friendly reader.  Good day at the scales – down two pounds from last week, to 262.  Which puts me a little ahead of the current schedule.

On to more pressing news.  Yesterday’s post was not happy-making, to say the least.  In that post, I said we needed more education about how to make good choices with regard to food.  It’s frankly embarrassing to me as an American patriot that we are so poorly educated about “food” (and it’s easy to make the argument that we’ve been led to such overall ignorance to line the pockets of Big Ag, but I won’t do that here right now).

We have a serious problem with food in America, and it’s one I submit threatens our long-term national security.  We have children right here in the richest nation the world has ever known who don’t get enough food to thrive.  We have even more children here whose parents manage to fill their bellies but who don’t get much actual nutrition from those belly-fillings because the parents don’t know what real food is.  That’s how we built an obesity epidemic, in my opinion. It’s shameful that we have allowed supermarkets to become so very confusing – all that stuff on the shelves claims to be “food,” whether it is or not.

Thankfully, the availability of good food education is increasing.  There are several movies out there that are helpful, and regular readers know I swear by Michael Pollan‘s work.  Today I want to plug this movie, which will be available March 1.  I’ve only seen the trailer, but based on that and what I’ve read about it, you can bet I’ll be watching it.  If you’re concerned about the American food system, I suggest you do the same.

Thanks for reading, as always.  Hey, if you’re on the Twitter, you could share this blog with your followers there.  Just sayin’.


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