Now, With Pictures!

Or at least a picture.  I saw this post on Facebook recently (actually, my Lovely Wife saw it) from Michael Moore, and rather than post the link (because if you’re not on Facebook, you wouldn’t see it) or copy and paste the text (which might stretch the limits of fair use) I thought the best approach was to post a screen-shot here.  Now, set aside whatever opinions you may have about Michael Moore from a political perspective.  This is about healthy living.
Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 8.47.59 PMThe gist, if you’re having a hard time reading this, is pretty much what I’ve been saying all along:  If you want to work out (walk, run, swim, bike, lift, whatever), you should.  But you shouldn’t do it to lose weight.  If you contrive exercise specifically to lose weight, you might actually do that.  For a little while.  But as soon as you back off the exercise plan, it’s all coming back.

Fix your eating because you want to live longer and feel better doing it.  Exercise because you want to exercise.

If you force yourself into it, it ain’t gonna work.  At least not for the long term.  And isn’t the long-term the whole point?

Yes, exercise has tremendous benefits, and it can fit into the rest of your plan to live better.  But I firmly believe if you force it into your plan – into your life – you’re not improving your life, just beating yourself up.  I don’t advocate beating yourself up.

Speaking of improving your life, I’m assuming you like fruit.  If not, well, check back in a few days from now and we’ll talk about something else. Otherwise, give this link a shot.  It’s a list of 20+ “super fruits” with pretty pictures and a quick explanation of what makes each one “super.”  The challenge, as always, is finding a way to fit ’em all into your life without spending all day munching berries.

Thanks for reading – as always, the comments are open and I and the other readers would love to hear from you.

My Lovely Wife, in addition to receiving a shout-out for referring the Michael Moore link to me, deserves a shout-out for a little tech support.  Without her help the screen-shot you see would not have been possible.  The fruit link comes from the Research Department, now back in action!


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  1. Posted by Ann Stice on January 22, 2013 at 12:37 am

    A few months before Amy and Adam got married, I met a personal trainer by chance. She had just joined my gym and by (other) chance, just that very morning I had pushed myself up on my bed and noted “damn, my tummy’s all floppy and I have no tone”. So I decided that when friendDave introduced Julie that very night, God must have put Julie in my way. it was A MESSAGE. A SIGN.

    She did wonders for me in a few months. 3 years later, I still have a 30 minute session with her every MOnday evening. AND I am stronger than any of my friends. Not skinnier but HONESTLY STRONGER.

    I love working out with weights; keeps my back strong, and I can work in the garden and lift the mulch and off-load the pick up without help. and without back pain.

    So, bottom line, working out can be all that you describe in PP2, but the “whatever” has worked well for me. and Julie is not only my Monday evening trainer, she’s now my friend.

    Good stories, Harvey. Love that you’re blogging again. and I love the stories of the Sprightly Daughters and the lovely Wife.

    bestregards, ann stice


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