Well That’s Better

Those of you keeping score at home will remember that last week was kinda disappointing.  After a week on the straight-and-narrow however, I am rewarded with a four-pound loss, weighing-in at 264. Which is still seven pounds higher than I hit once or twice since this all started, but the direction is positive.  I am encouraged.

Last year one of my resolutions was to eat (a lot) more spinach and broccoli (also salmon, but that isn’t relevant here).  That didn’t sound like a particularly tall order, because I like spinach and broccoli.  Turned out to be tougher than I thought.  Over the course of the year we acquired a juicer, and we have a good blender.  So I’ve been thinking the path to more cruciferous and leafy goodness might be through the appliances.

I’ll investigate and get back to you on it.  In the meantime, if you have some thoughts about juicing/blending this stuff for rapid consumption, please do let me know.

Cool links on the way in a day or two.  Stay tuned – and as always, thank you for reading!


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  1. Posted by Debra Stinson on January 12, 2013 at 1:30 am

    Juicing turns out to not be a good thing as it pulverizes insoluble fiber in fruits and veggies. See today’s (1/11) Talk of the Nation on NPR, specifically Sci-Fri’s Ira Flatow interview with Dr. Robert Lustig. Within the first 5 minutes he gets into why juicing is bad. He was also interviewed on the Diane Rehm Show (1/7) re his new book: “Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease.” Basically it is our metabolic function, mitochondria and leptin, and fatty livers and the vicious cycle we are in because of the foods we eat that prevent long term weight loss and undermine our efforts while we are dieting. Both interviews are very good, I highly recommend them. Oh, and don’t juice, or drink juice, if you want to lose weight!


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