An Endorsement

One of the biggest impediments to a long-term healthy eating lifestyle change is, frankly convenience.  The western world wants us to eat crappy, manufactured, fake “food.”  Finding something to fill your belly is easy, cheap and fast. Finding actual food is another story.  Fifteen months into this project I have to tell you this issue hasn’t become any less frustrating.

I’m a lunch guy.  That’s my meal.  My body processes lunch far better than dinner, I’m hungriest at lunch, and I have the whole day to live it off if I do eat too much.  If I have plenty of time and plenty of spendin’ cash, there are several places that serve real food with real flavor near my office.  There’s one place around the corner from my office that serves actual food – quickly – but it’s not anything you could describe as inexpensive, and it’s not very, ah, what’s the word … tasty.

Recognizing that there’s a problem with finding quality food quickly and inexpensively, when I run into a place that fits the description, I feel like I should reward them with an endorsement.  So here ’tis.

Chipotle.  Yeah, that place.  Never mind the feds.  The food is fresh, healthy, fast, flavorful and relatively cheap.  Now, if you don’t dig on Mexican-y food, you can skip this.  Otherwise, beat a path to their door.  Don’t feel bad about eating there two, three times a week.  There’s probably one near you.  At least until the feds get done with ’em.

Thanks for reading – pass it along!


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  1. I love Chipotle! It’s one of our favorite places when we find ourselves out of town on business–quick, tasty, and somewhat healthy!


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