An Act of Contrition

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.  It has been 64 days since my last blogging.  I accuse myself of the following sins against bloggery:  Sloth, pride, indifference and, yes, the occasional gluttony.

Sloth, in that I’ve just been lazy.  Yeah, sure, work is demanding, dad-ery is demanding, blah, blah.  No good excuses.  

Pride, in that I was getting pretty cocky about my regular readership, which I have taken for granted and now must re-earn.

Indifference, in that after a few missed weigh-in posts, it got easier to forget, and, well, here I am two months later.

Gluttony, in that if I’m not keeping myself publicly accountable, it’s easy to eat things I know better than to have eaten.

How ’bout that.  Roman Catholic elementary education has come in handy. 

I haven’t weighed in for several weeks, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be needing to re-take the high ground in this long campaign.  I’ll wait until Friday to weigh, just like I’m supposed to.  For what it’s worth, I haven’t been eating dessert, and am still not missing it.  Haven’t been eating fast food, drinking soda, etc.  Just eating too much and not being careful to stay away from white bread, etc.  All easy to fix.

SO … yes, I’ll be back on schedule.  I like writing this blog, I like being healthier and I like you reading my blog.  Thank you for reading, and  I’ll be back with you sometime Monday.



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