Your Monday Reading Assignment (3/12)

Skippers, I reflect that it’s been too long since I scared the hell out of you.  I can remedy that with this link to a heart surgeon’s take on what really causes heart disease.  Preview: Nearly everything we’ve been doing for the past generation to combat heart disease has made the problem worse.  Yay us.  The more I read, the more I think Michael Pollan has the answer:  “Eat food.  Not too much. Mostly plants.”  Which is, of course, less easy than it should be.  But the image of raw, infected blood vessels is enough to make me want to be on-track.

I think there’s more contributing to our cardiac-nation status than the wrong food, however.  Our all-stress, all the time, culture bears responsibility as well.  This piece about our personal relationships with time offers an interesting way to think about stress and how we manage our lives.  I’m not ready to declare the kind of independence from the clock the author has, but brava to her for giving it a whirl.  There’s more to life than the to-do list.

Thanks, as always for reading.  I’m working on a few more food-oriented posts, ’cause it helps me keep my thinkin’ right.  Open to your ideas.


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