Travel Friday

Greetings from Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Skippers.  I’ve been here since Wednesday for a conference, which means I don’t have weigh-in data for you.

What I do have for you is an endorsement.  As longtime readers know, I like to complain about the paucity of healthy food away from home.  This week, Jason’s Deli has helped me get past that.  One thing you should understand about Jason’s Deli is that it is specifically not a deli in the classic sense.  When I hear the word deli, I think of this or possibly this.  This ain’t those.

What it is is a chain sandwich maker/salad bar/cafeteria with a commitment to fresh, organic actual food.

I’m a fan of the local Gainesville location, and can’t recommend their salad bar enough.  For those of you who aren’t skipping dessert, you can even enjoy their complimentary ice cream without worrying about high fructose corn syrup, because they don’t use the stuff at all.

Yesterday we had lunch on our own here at the conference, and I was fairly certain there weren’t going to be a lot of healthy, tasty options available.  And then I saw the Jason’s Deli sign down the block. I’m proud to have walked past the pizza parlor, the two sports bars and a variety of other siren-song bad-food establishments and made it Jason’s beautiful green salad bar.

So, find yourself a Jason’s and enjoy.

Next Friday, back to my regularly scheduled weigh-in.

Thanks, as always, for reading.


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  1. Posted by hlward on March 9, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    WordPress gives me some neat (but generally useless) stats for the blog. One of the new data points they provide is a list of what countries people read from. Turns out I have (today at least) two readers in Canada. Welcome, friendly northern neighbors!


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