Progress, One Supposes

261.  Which is better than last week.  Still doing the right stuff, just waiting for it to catch up with me.  Next week will be interesting.  I’ll be out of town on Friday (weigh-in day)so  I’m planning to weigh-in on Thursday.  Which throws off the whole dynamic.  Or not.

Tomorrow is Sprightly* Daughter Number One’s birthday party (Seven, thanks for asking.  Her birthday was actually Wednesday, but Saturday lends itself to first-grade birthday parties a bit more, no?).  Which will be lots of fun, but will present a double-edged issue for me:  I don’t know how many seven-year-old birthday parties you’ve hosted, but they involve a fair bit of stress for the host parents  (in all honesty, my Lovely Wife will do all the hard work, but I’ll still lay claim to some stress).

And cake.  They involve cake.

So I, a stress-eater, will be presented with both stress and cake.  The trick is to not take the first bite.  Will report back on the festivities and my success or failure in staying on-program.

* – There is an ongoing conversation (OK, it’s mostly ongoing in my head) about whether they are “sprightly” or “spritely” daughters.  Commenters tend to go with “spritely,” and I’ve used both.

In an effort to achieve consistency, I sought reference assistance. tells me “sprightly,” used as an adjective means, “animated, vivacious, or gay; lively.”  It tells me that, “spritely,” on the other hand, is not a word.  “Sprite-like” is an adjective meaning “like a sprite, elf or fairy.”  This leaves me in a tough spot.  I like the definition of “sprite-like,” but it doesn’t exactly flow trippingly on the tongue, you know?  And “sprightly” should be good for longer than they’ll all be elfin.

So … much as I hate to bend to convention, and as much as I believe the greatest strength of English is that it lives and grows … I’m going with sprightly.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. ‘Shell here: Okay Harvey…STEP AWAY FROM THE CAKE!!! You’re down 1lb, don’t go up two for a quick sugar high…you’ll regret it more!!! I know you can do it!!


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