Your Monday Reading Assignment

I think I should take this opportunity to remind you that it’s not my intention to scare the hell out of you every other time I post here.

That said, here I go again:  “Soda Contains Flame Retardants”

And the article ain’t talking about water, but brominated vegetable oil.  Seriously.  In soda.  Go read the article for at least two more reasons to stop drinking soda. Or pop.  Or Co-Cola.  Depending on where  you grew up.

In related, but unlinked news, Sprightly Daughter #1 attends after-school “camp” at the local YMCA.  As part of the program, she’s enrolled in a science club for a couple of weeks, which she really enjoys.  You know what they did this week?  Dropped Mentos mints into Diet Coke.   Which she said was really cool.  Of course it is.  But you knew that (unless you’re new to the interwebs).  That’s not the freaky part.  The freaky part is that then the counselors gave the kids the leftover soda.

Because the fact that that crap EXPLODES wasn’t a good enough reason to not feed it to first graders.

What’s that you say?  Yes, I will be having a conversation with them about that very thing this week.

In more helpful and less frightening news, NPR this week gives us a new trick or two to help us avoid overeating.  Turns out eating on a big plate makes you want to eat more.  Even if you know you’re likely to eat more if you have a big plate.

The good news?  The converse is also true.

The takeaway?  Buy smaller plates.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. ‘Shell here: I am SO glad that I gave up Diet Coke last May! Tasted one about two months later and it tasted sooooo sugary!! Water for me all the way!!


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