Five Things I Intend to Accomplish in 2012

Hey, look!  It’s Five Things Wednesday!  To close out 2011 I’ve been posting what are essentially New Year’s Resolutions.  In no particular order of priority, here are five things I intend to get done in the coming year:

1.)  Run the Watermelon Run.  OK, “jog” is probably a better term for my approach to this annual Independence Day morning 5K.  I’ve done it before, but not since about 2003.  At my best I’ve never been what anyone would consider a fast runner, but this run accommodates schlubs like me as well as real runners.  It’s a bit of a stretch, but I can do this.

2.)  Publish 208 Posts to Skipping Dessert.  I know what you’re thinkin’.  “208?  That doesn’t add up, Harv only posts thrice weekly.”  And that’s where it pays to have been paying close attention.  I don’t plan on any 31-days-of-posting in 2012, but, hey, I didn’t plan on having a blog this time last year.  Regardless, 208 posts in 2012.  Book it.

3.)  Lose an Average of a Pound a Week.  That should be pretty obvious.  That’s been my goal all along … the difference is that this pace will get me to my goal weight (207) by the end of 2012.

4.)  Read Don Quixote.  (In English.)  I started this nearly a decade ago, and it’s one of my Lovely Wife’s favorite books (she’s an associate professor of Spanish at UF – hell, she’s the chair of Spanish and Portugese Studies at UF), and she recommended it to me a long time ago.  I’ll file a book report here when I finish.  Don’t be shy about asking in a couple of months.

5.)  Learn to Play The Christmas Song on Guitar.  You know, chestnuts roasting on an open fireI have a great book of guitar tabs with this, and for about three years I’ve been kind of meaning to learn this.  This year, it happens.  By the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll be the electric guitar equivalent of Mel Torme.

There’s also a goodly portion of bourbon left in a bottle of Knob Creek in my house I intend to finish.  There’s a fair chance I’ll accomplish that before 2012.

Bonus new word from the Research Department:  Hangry:  (Han-Gree)  adj.  a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state.  “Skip dessert, not lunch.  I don’t want you goin’ around hangry all day.”

I’m familiar with this one.  Bet you are too.

Remember the other day when I told you to go read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin?  I’m serious. You should read it.  I’ll bring you my copy if you want.  Unless you’re outside Gainesville, in which case I’ll mail it to you.  First to ask gets the book.  I only ask that you pass it on (the attitude as well as the book).


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