When I started writing this blog back in May I’m not sure I knew there would be a 100th post.  Yet here we are, friends, stop number 100.  Cue Kool and the Gang.

In recognition of this august occasion, and of the fact that this is Five Things Wednesday, below are my favorite five posts of all time (“all time” being defined, of course, as “since May”).

Do not confuse these with the posts that have been read the most (this one and this one, primarily because of their formidable friendliness to searches by The Google).

They are also not my most important posts.  That would be this one and this one.

No, these are my favorites.  It’s the difference between “Greatest Hits” collections and “Best Of” collections.  This is “Best of”:


1.)  Ode on a Bowl of Oatmeal  Poetry and breakfast, all rolled into one.  Call me Byron.

2.)  If You Talk About it Enough In which I confirm that incessant modeling of good nutritional choices is having the desired impact on our Sprightly Daughters.

3.)  Why Does This Chocolate Chip Cookie Have Such Power Over Me?  I love it when smart people confirm my suspicions.  Which is what happens here.

4.)  An Unlikely Group  From the Pythagorean Theorem to a veggie sub in five easy steps.

5.)  Frozen Blueberries, Part II  Oatmeal ratings.  Just another service I offer.


Now that I’m back into this (having skipped November), I’m pretty excited about the next few hundred posts.  In addition to Weigh-In Fridays, Monday Reading Assignments and Five Things Wednesdays, I’m working on another regular weekly feature.  But you’ll have to wait for 2012 for the unveiling.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Wow…100 posts…good job Boss!!! Can’t wait to see the new feature!!


  2. […] add up, Harv only posts thrice weekly.”  And that’s where it pays to have been paying close attention.  I don’t plan on any 31-days-of-posting in 2012, but, hey, I didn’t plan on having a […]


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