Hey, it’s Five Things Wednesday!  Today, I’m pondering how difficult it must be to be a vegan in western culture.  I’m reasonably sure it’s a healthy way to eat (and I’ll review some information about it for you soon), but I’m also convinced it’s nearly impossible here in the US (or most of Europe) unless you have either unlimited time or unlimited funds available.  Here are five reasons I won’t even try.

1.)  Pariah Status.  Yes, this is something of a cop-out.  But as many funny looks as I get when I tell people I don’t eat dessert, I’m afraid I’d be Baker-Acted if I turned down dairy and eggs.

2.)  I Like Cheese.  I mean, I really like cheese.  I’ve read all the arguments about how humans don’t need dairy after they leave their mother’s own dairy, and about how we’re the only adult mammals who consume dairy.  But we’re also the only mammals who use toilets, so just because the rest of the animal kingdom is behind on this is not a good argument.

3.)  It’s Nearly Impossible to Explain.    I’ve watched vegans try to explain, and most people just don’t get it … unless they’re also vegans. My Lovely Wife, who did some time as a vegan, tells the story of a Spanish family she lived with on a study-abroad trip, who, upon learning she was vegan, kindly removed the chicken from her bowl of soup.  Let’s face it, most people don’t understand vegetarian, much less vegan.

4.)  I’d Have to Move to New York or San Francisco to Eat in a Restaurant.  Seriously.  Check the menu at the next place you eat.  All the non-meat fare has cheese.  An I like to eat somewhere besides home.

5.)  All Beans, All the Time.   I like beans, but not as much as I’m pretty sure I’d need to go vegan.

Yes.  These are all about convenience.  Which is where having time or money on my hands would come in really handy.  I’d be tempted to give it a shot if I had those things.  I don’t, so I cop-out and say, please bring me a nice, lean, nearly-rare filet mignon.

And by the way, I have tremendous respect for those who are able to pull off the vegan lifestyle.  I just don’t have that much will.


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