Five Places to Eat

It’s Five Things Wednesday!  One of the more problematic issues I’ve encountered in this process is how to eat lunch – with healthy intent – when I don’t bring it from home.  Partially because I don’t like planning and bringing lunch.  Breakfast is easy.  It’s at home, it’s a routine.  Dinner is usually at home, and even when it’s not, it’s not necessarily the sort of rush that lunch is, of necessity.  Not eating fast food drastically reduces the number of lunch options available.  Here are five places I can reliably, and fairly quickly, find a healthy lunch.  

1.)  Publix.  Yep.  My go-to supermarket.  Sandwiches from the Publix deli are reasonably quick, reasonably inexpensive, the options are nearly endless and if it’s not healthy it’s nobody’s fault but mine.

2.)  Fresh Market.  For those of you not familiar with the Fresh Market, think of it as a wannabe Whole Foods.  And since Gainesville doesn’t have one of those, Fresh Market has to do.  And it does admirably.  Their selection of prepared sandwiches, salads and wraps is healthier and tastier than any other grocery prepared food I know.

3.)  Subway.  Sure, it’s pedestrian, and frankly, it doesn’t taste great. On the other hand, it’s fairly cheap and probably the quickest option.

4.)  Tasty Buddha (16th Ave.) If I have a little extra time and don’t mind actually eating in the restaurant (my preferred dining milieu is my car, in a shady spot, listening to whatever I want on the radio), there are plenty of healthy, tasty options at Tasty Buddha.  Yeah, I know, that’s not a lot of help to those of you outside Gainesville.  Write your own blog 🙂

5.)  The Wine and Cheese Gallery.  Sort of a Friday lunch mainstay around the shop.  It helps that it’s about fifty steps away, it’s easy to order for healthy takeout, and did I mention it’s real close by?  Again, local, but recommended.  And the local places need all the help they can get.  Plus, the local places all taste better than the chains.


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