Your Monday Reading Assignment(s)

Happy new week everybody!

As is becoming a tradition here, I’ve got some articles for you to read this Monday.  The first, from NPR, I offer for one primary reason:  In the first sentence they introduce a guy who calls himself a “food anarchist.”  I read the article and I still don’t know what that means, but it’s got to be cool.  Whether it is or not, it’s a great excuse for you to go listen to this.

Moving on from my Monday whimsy, here are a couple from a friend of the blog.  As we all know, work is the easiest place to get off track.  Other than vacation.  Or on your birthday weekend.  But work happens, typically, five or six days a week and those other things, not so often.  This piece has some solid recommendations for how to keep it on the straight and narrow at the office.  It also has given me some other ideas for future posts.  Which is good for bonus points.

The next piece is a good analysis of how to switch-up your exercise to jolt yourself off a weight plateau.  Good stuff.  Go read.

Speaking of NPR, this coming Friday morning, from 6:45 to 10, I’ll be on the radio raising money for the local member station.  You should listen and call in your pledge.  It’s the best radio you’ll hear all week.  Plus, you’ll feel good about it.

Thanks for reading!


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