Resisting Tempation

October begins the homestretch of temptation for me.  Once we hit January, sure, there are a few bumps in the road to healthy eating, but it’s a whole lot easier – for me – to resist when those cold days come around.  In January everybody talks about losing weight.  Nobody looks at you funny if you turn down dessert in January.  Lent comes up just a little after that, and it’s not surprising to hear people talk about giving things up for Lent.

But October?  The going gets tough this time of year.  For one thing, it’s football season.  Which begs me to sit in the recliner and eat chips and drink beer.  It’s my birthday next week, so people will offer cake (and that sweet, beautiful Publix buttercream icing) – and be a little hurt if I don’t eat it.  Then sprightly daughter 2’s birthday (more cake).  Then Halloween and candy.  Then Thanksgiving, which is less of a problem than it used to be because I simply don’t feel the “eat til you burst” challenge anymore.  But the problem with Thanksgiving you know, is that we don’t normally keep pies, cookies and assorted baked goods in the house, so they aren’t normally a problem.  Around Thanksgiving that changes.  And then, the big one, Christmas, which is all-food, all-the-time wherever I go, it seems.

And frankly, while I didn’t exactly fall off the wagon the past couple of weeks, I haven’t exactly been firmly in the driver’s seat either.  And those indulgences have made me crave the stuff I know I shouldn’t eat … even before the season begins.

This is my favorite time of year, and not because of the food.  There’s so much to enjoy this time of year – all the things I listed and more – but between me and you I’m kinda scared about it this year.  Because I really, really, really don’t want to gain back any weight and have start this all over.

Nor do I want to be a food-prude.  I hate  turning down food.  More turkey, Harvey?  Yes, please.  Pecan or Pumpkin?  Both, please.  See, that’s who I’ve been for 40-plus holiday seasons.  Food is good, I like it, please give it to me, thank you.  And I don’t want to be preachy about it.  You come to this blog to read me writing, in part, about food.  That’s not why people sit down to eat with me.

So – foolish as it may seem to those of you who don’t have the spectral voice of Sara Lee whispering in your ear – I’m feeling equal parts dread and excitement about the coming weeks.  It’s one thing to step away from the table early in, say, July.  It’s entirely another with the Christmas lights blinking in the background and the last strains of “Happy Birthday” ringing in my ears.

Think kind thoughts about me as we wade into the most wonderful time of the year.  I need all the help I can get.

Yesterday I posted a list of songs about food/healthy eating.  Many of you read that post.  It included quite a few links – upwards of 15 or so.  My super-secret-spy software tells me only one of those links had any click-throughs … the one that mentioned sex.  You’ve no idea how much better I feel about you all now, dear readers.

Thanks for reading!


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