There is no truth to the rumor …

… that I only blog when Amy Stice calls me out on not blogging.  It just seems that way.

But BOY have I been lazy about blogging.

First, updates:  Last Friday, September 16, even though I didn’t get around to telling y’all about it, I weighed-in at 260.  That’s down another pound from the previous week, just like it’s supposed to be.  Today (Yeah, I know it’s Thursday – tomorrow isn’t likely to give up much blogging time.  Busy time at the day job.) I weighed-in at 259.  That’s 28 pounds in 28 weeks.  <Confetti rains down from above, fireworks explode>

Why the celebration?  Because I’m finally out of the 260’s!  That was a long ten pounds.  My new micro-goal, the goal within the goal, is to get through the next ten pounds in less than ten weeks.  Which will be interesting, because I’ll be travelling next week.

It’s hard to eat well on the road.  At home you can build a pattern of eating that’s not only sensible, but sustainable.  There are no healthy options in major American airports.  None.  And I’m either too lazy or too curmudgeony (Yes, that’s a word.  Because I say it is.  And it’s my blog.) to bring my own food on the plane.  I’ll be away from home for eight mealtimes.  Two of those will be spent either in airports or on planes.

Now, let me take a moment to explain to any new readers that when I say “healthy” I don’t mean low-calorie or low-fat.  I believe fake food promoted as “diet” food is bad for humans.  I define “healthy food” as real food. Stuff that actually grew out of the ground.  Animal parts that are identifiable as animal parts.  Food that, in the words of Micheal Pollan, your great-grandmother would recognize as food.  I’m pretty sure great grandma Hortence would have identified a frozen Lean Cuisine as a doorstop, not dinner.

But don’t cry for me, dear reader.  I’ll be in New York City.  There are options.   I already have plans to eat steak one night (and that counts in the “real food” category).   I fully intend to eat some things that probably aren’t so healthy, and I have at least one reception offering finger foods of questionable provenance.  Rest assured that I am planning my sustenance in such a way that I get good fuel and enjoy eating it.

Except the airport part.  I haven’t figured out how to enjoy airport food.

Beginning Sunday, October 2, in an effort to atone for my general bloggy slothfulness of late, I’m challenging myself to a post a day for two full weeks.  Real posts, not like this one.  The problem with that is that I don’t have fourteen topics ready.  Sure, two will be weigh-ins, one or more will be travel recaps (see above) and something is bound to piss me off enough to generate a jeremiad or two, but I still need ideas.  Which is where you come in.  Don’t be shy about leaving comments with ideas.

Thanks, as always, for reading.  Go get something good to eat.


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