Another week, another pound.  263.  That’s 24 pounds in19 weeks, by my math.  Speaking of math, that’s 8.3% of my former self.  Which means you could say, I suppose, that I’m only 91.6% of the man I was in early March.

Or you could say I’m exactly 30% of the way toward my goal.   Let’s go with that one.  It’s a nice round number.

I have to say I’m getting really tired of the 260’s.  Yes, I’m happy to be making progress, but I need to get out of the 260’s.

I know.  Sometime in August.

Which is excellent motivation to keep me from backsliding …

(Hey, look, there’s a bonus post today!)


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  1. […] have been a hell of a crooked line when it comes to this project of mine.  You may remember how giddy I was to be down 24 pounds in 19 weeks.  And you followed me up a pound the following week, before […]


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