The Best Plan is No Plan

A friend of the blog forwarded me this article from CNN.  It’s the weight-loss story of a young man who, after years of alienation as a 300+ pound teen, found his own way to healthy living.

No fake food, no magic-bullet diet, no gastric-bypass surgery … just hard work, good research and honest commitment to getting better.  I wish I had put in that kind of effort at his age.  He worked at it – slowly, steadily.  And he’s kept it off.

I’m writing this brief post to celebrate people doing things the right way.  I can take a lesson from this kid.  Maybe you can as well.

Another friend of the blog offers some advice about multi-tasking exercise.  She says goes for a walk around her neighborhood with each of her kids – individually – as often as possible.  She ends up getting more than an hour of exercise, and each kid gets alone-time with mom … which is invaluable.   The Sprightly Daughters are still a bit young for me to use that one yet, but I’ll sure try to use it in a few years.

Your suggestions are always welcome – thanks for reading!


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