Because it’s a Holiday …

… and because I want you all to know I’m pro-good-food, I want to share some links to friends of mine who blog about cooking and/or baking, and do so well.  They’re both committed to quality food made with quality ingredients.  The kind of food that, eaten in reasonable quantities, is good fuel for your body.

My friend Tami hosts a fine culinary experience she calls A Bite to Eat.  She covers a lot of dining ground with clear instructions and pictures.  I can’t actually pronounce all the dishes she writes about, but they look mighty tasty.  Her blog’s almost a year old, so there’s plenty of content there you haven’t read (or cooked).

My friend Chris hasn’t been at it as long, but the dude is seriously committed to desserts that taste good and he uses quality ingredients.  He’s also some sort of scientist, which you’ll realize when you read his blog, A Good Day to Pie.

Yesterday here at Skipping  Dessert World Headquarters one of the Sprightly Daughters and I (OK, mostly I – she’s three years old) whipped up a batch of Alton Brown‘s Granola Bars.  I should have used a glass baking dish, like Alton told me to.  And I should have cut ’em as soon as they cooled, like Alton told me.  Other than that, they were good eats.

My point?  Food ain’t bad.  Bad food is bad.   Eat good food and good things have a chance to happen to your body.


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