I Have a Good Excuse.

So, yeah, I disappeared for a few days there.  I know, y’all were just getting used to me posting on a daily basis.  But really, I had a good excuse.  You see, my lovely wife, who was due to give birth to our third daughter on June 22, became impatient and gave birth on June 16 instead (OK, fine, it had nothing to do with impatience).

The good news for you is that we’re all back home and the blog is back in action.  And (bonus!) before we knew Thursday was THE day, I did a quick early weigh-in (I suppose I knew on some level what was about to happen) and found myself down another pound!  So, officially, that’s 267, or a full twenty pounds in 14 weeks.

Oh, yeah, my lovely wife and sprightly daughters?  They’re all happy and healthy and happy to be home.  Thanks for asking!

Regular posting schedule resumes … now.


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  1. […] have enough leftovers to feed the family for a long time to come (from the kindness of friends in the wake of sprightly daughter number three’s arrival, for those new to the blog), but now that they’re all leftovers, I don’t feel compelled […]


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