And My Shirts Will Fit Better Too …

Says here, in this CNN link, that according to the American College of Cardiology, “Waist size provides a far more accurate way to predict a heart patient’s chances of dying at an early age from a heart attack or other causes”  than Body Mass Index (BMI).  The story, from May of this year, is no surprise.

The American Journal of Epidemiology, quoted here in a 2008 piece, noted in 1998 that, “…  men in the top 25% for waist to hip ratio were twice as likely to develop coronary heart disease compared to men in the lowest quartile.”

And Arthur Agatston, of South Beach Diet fame, has been beating the drum against belly fat for years.  The Mayo Clinic agrees.

So … to sum up, if I lose belly fat and drop my waist size to below 40 (I’m planning for 36, down from a snug 44), I’ll be A LOT less likely to have a heart attack.  And my shirts will fit better.


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